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Historic Oliver

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Oliver's First Quarterly Development Meeting

Updated: May 13, 2023

In February, 2023, Historic Oliver had its first quarterly development meeting of the year. The meeting covered various development projects happening in Historic Oliver, from small to large projects. The meeting began with a presentation from Eric Holcomb who is the Executive Director CHAP & Historic and Architecture Preservation Division Chief for the city of Baltimore. Eric did a great job explaining what CHAP is and educating us on the various options that may be suitable for our community, if we should pursue CHAP for Historic Oliver.

The presentation then went on to discuss the vacancy rate in Historic Oliver. According to Open Baltimore, as of November 25, 2022, there were 14,333 vacant properties in Baltimore City, and Historic Oliver has approximately 3% of that total, equaling to 450 vacant properties in the community. Broadway East has approximately 6% of the city's total, equating to 889 vacant properties. Historic Oliver is 168 acres, and Broadway East is 220 acres.

View the interactive map of the vacant properties in Historic Oliver, surrounding communities, and in Baltimore City.

Historic Oliver Quarterly Development Meeting, February, 2023
Eric Holcomb, Executive Director for the Commission of Historical and Architectural Preservation (CHAP)

After Mr. Holcomb's presentation, we did a quick poll of the attendees to see where they stood in terms of CHAP being a fit for Historic Oliver. There were three options, "Yes - Everywhere in Oliver";

"Yes - Only select Blocks/Streets"; and "No-Not for Oliver". As you can see by the bar chart shown below, the poll revealed that the vast majority of those who participated in the poll, were in favor of CHAP, in whole or in part.

Quick Poll of what attendees thought of establishing CHAP for Oliver

Below are the various development projects that were discussed at the meeting: current, completed, and proposed in Historic Oliver. View the slide presentation. View an interactive map of the development projects that were covered in this presentation.

Current: include Hope Village - 1300 block of Holbrook Street, The Marlene - 1217 E. Preston Street; African American Firehouse Museum - 1220 E. Oliver Street; Dallas Street Parking Lot - 1304-1328 N.Dallas Street; Subsidized Rentals - 1500 block of Holbrook Street; National Great Blacks in Wax Museum - 1601-03 E. North Avenue.

Completed: include Bethel Playscape - 1500 block of N. Bethel Street; Sojourner Place at Oliver - 1202 E. Preston Street; North Bethel Row - 1400 block of N. Bethel Street; and the Oliver Community Farm - 1600 Ellsworth Street.

Proposed: include Harford Estates - 1217 Harford Avenue; Dallas Street row home project - 1800 block of N. Dallas Street; Stop Shop & Save Building - 1600 Harford Avenue; Residential Treatment Facility - 1425 and 1711 Ensor Street; 1002 E. Preston Street Project; and the 1500 block of Federal Street Project.

For city-owned properties and land, and for large development projects, developers are usually required to get a letter of support from the community association.

Imani Jasper, Eastern District Planner

In attendance to Baltimore Oliver Community Association's first quarterly development meeting was our Eastern District Planner, Imani Jasper, who helped to field the various questions that arose at the meeting as it related to planning, zoning, and development.

Jasmine Collins, who was also in attendance, is our Community Engagement representative from the State's Attorney's office.

Celena Owens

"As we continue to strengthen the ties with our residents, business owners, stakeholders, and community partners, we want to thank everyone who attended as each of you are important to us and to the health and wealth of our community, Historic Oliver.", says Celena Owens, Development Committee Chair of Baltimore Oliver Community Association. Pam Moore is currently serving as the President of Baltimore Oliver Community Association, BOCA.

The next quarterly meetings will be held on May 18th, August 17th, and November 16th, 2023, 6:30 pm-8 pm, 1202 E. Preston Street @ Sojourner Place.

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