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Share Your Story!

Do you have a story to share? We'd love to hear it! There are various sections of this site that you can contribute to. We are looking for various stories in the following categories:

People - Write a 250-500 word essay, in third person, about yourself or someone else in the community that you feel needs to be recognized for their good works In Oliver or elsewhere in the world. You, or this person, need to be an Oliver resident or needs someone who contributes to Oliver in a meaningful way. Include 1 - 2 photos of this person.

Play - Write a 250-500 word essay about any type of recreation in the community, such as music or sports, performing arts or visual art, fitness, etc. Include 1-2 photos of this recreation, event, or practice, etc.

Commentaries - Do you like to write and would like to contribute your stories or commentaries to Let us know! (We are an all volunteer website and therefore do not offer compensation) .

Any other ideas or news to share? Just let us know!

Email us with your story!

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