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1st Saturday Cleanups

Pick a project in Historic Oliver!

Would you like to assist in helping to keep Oliver Beautiful? 1st Saturday Cleanups is the opportunity for the community to work together once-a-month, May - October and clean up our surroundings. Use this opportunity to clean up your backyard, that you've been meaning to get to, or to clean up that tree pit on your block that needs attention and that everyone seems to ignore. You can organize with your neighbors to clean up your block or to clean up your alley on 1st Saturdays.

If you would like to volunteer on any of our projects or have your kids volunteer in Historic Oliver on a cleanup, check out any of the projects below and reach out to the organizer to sign up to volunteer. Sign-up at the Bethel Playscape, 1500 block of N. Bethel Street, and enter a raffle drawing for participating in the cleanup! 

1st Saturday Cleanups - 2023-2.png
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