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UUP Spring Performance

Updated: Apr 7

The Urban Uke Project, UUP was founded in Oliver in the fall of 2017. It is a music program that teaches children how to play the ukulele. The ukulele is an instrument in the lute family and resembles a miniature guitar. Most children are thrilled to learn how to play the instrument and actually catch on pretty quickly! For those who may not know, the ukulele is a serious instrument and many genres of music can be played on it, including classical music.

UUP Spring Performance - Bethel Playscape, Oliver
This spring finalé performance was held in June, 2021 at the Bethel Playscape in Oliver. It was a bright and beautiful day to hear our kids play and give out awards for their spectacular performance.
UUP Solo Performance - Bethel Playscape, Oliver

UUP Solo Performance - Bethel Playscape, Oliver

Some of the songs that our UUP kids have learned to play are nursery rhymes such as Frére Jacques and Hush Little Baby, R&B Classics such as Wonderful World and Stand By Me, and Classical music such as Cannon in D and Andantino in C.

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