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Historic Oliver

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Hey Neighbor, Meet Pam!

Baltimore Oliver Community Association, President

Pam is a native of Baltimore City. She decided to buy her first home in Historic Oliver nearly 8 years ago, taking advantage of the "Live Near Your Work" program. Pam is an alumnae of Bowie State University and this is when she learned that she had a "Baltimore accent". She quickly learned that Baltimore had a unique style all its own.

Pam has spent most of her professional career in the field of finance. After getting settled in as a homeowner, Pam took an interest in community development in Historic Oliver. She began to learn a lot about the issues facing Historic Oliver and was motivated towards helping to create solutions. Pam began to get her hands dirty by volunteering at the Bethel Farm (pun intended), helping to organize community events, door knocking to get connected with neighbors, and many more initiatives. After some time, Pam became recognized as a leader in the community. She formally joined the Oliver Community Association as a board member in 2020.

Pam volunteering at Bethel Farm Lab, 1600 block of N. Bethel Street

Pam living her best life at the beach!

Aside from community work, Pam enjoys traveling, spending time with family, and bicycling. She did not want me to tell anyone, but... she is an undercover creative at heart! She loves warm sunny days the most and prefers to vacation anywhere that has a beautiful beach.

Click here to see video footage of Pam representing Historic Oliver at the iHeart City Life and Trolley Tour event at Henderson-Hopkins school last month.

Pam currently serves as the Baltimore Oliver Community Association, BOCA president for Historic Oliver.

Pam clearing tree beds in the community

If you happen to see Pam out and about, or in and around Historic Oliver, doing some of her awesome community work, give her a holler and say, "Hey neighbor!"

Follow Baltimore Oliver Community Association, BOCA on Facebook and instagram.

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