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Historic Oliver

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Oliver Light and Bright!

Updated: May 26, 2022

There are various things that beautify a community and increase the perception of safety, warmth and livability. A few of those things are trees and flowers, and street and porch lighting. As you may have noticed around the city, there is a new trend in lighting up blocks

North Broadway, Oliver

and communities. This new trend is café lighting. It is very beautiful. In 2019, Oliver received a grant from Johns Hopkins, with the assistance of BUILD, to install café lighting throughout Oliver to help assist in safety concerns in the community as it pertains to lighting. But another way to light up your block or porch is something as simple as a light bulb.

More residents should make use of porch lighting. Not only does it beautify your block and porch, it also increases the level and perception of safety in the community and on your block.
Ernie and Henry lending a hand with the lights

We have free "Dusk-to-Dawn" energy efficient light bulbs that we are giving away to residents who would like them. The lights come on and off automatically, in the evening and morning, respectively, as long as you keep the light switch to the porch light on.

Would you like a Dusk til' Dawn light bulb? Send an email to: and in the subject line, type: I Want A Bulb! In the email, please include your name and address. You must live in Oliver.

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