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Hey Neighbor, Meet Liz!

Liz Lamb, better known as Farmer Liz, joined The 6th Branch, T6B, in late spring of 2022 as Community Farming Program Manager and manages the T6B farm sites, including the Oliver Community Farm at the corner of Preston and Bond Streets. In her first year managing the farm, T6B distributed just under 3,000 lbs of produce, she is hoping to double that number this year. She is working very hard to expand the connection between the Oliver Community and the farm space. This season, T6B continues the weekly market nights and started the 1st Sunday Community Crew. Liz started farming in Baltimore City in 2017 at Whitelock Community Farm in Reservoir Hill, while participating in the Future Harvest - Beginner Farmer Training Program. For a few years she worked at Butterbee Farm, a cut-flower wholesale operation formerly in Baltimore County.

Dr. Bernard Harris, Sr. Elementary School kids @ the farm

Before taking a leap and becoming a full time farmer, Liz studied Mechanical Engineering in Hoboken, NJ at Stevens Institute of Technology, just across the Hudson River from Manhattan. Before moving to NJ, she grew up outside of DC in Alexandria, Virginia where her mother raised her as a vegetarian, caring for a backyard kitchen garden and composting her food scraps, way before it was trendy.

The 6th Branch, which employs Liz and manages the Oliver Community Farm, is a veteran-led nonprofit that was founded in 2010 as a community service club. The basic mission of The 6th Branch is to revitalize abandoned green spaces and vacant lots, and transform them into productive spaces for the Community. In 2013, The 6th Branch worked alongside the Oliver Community Association, now known as Baltimore Oliver Community Association, to turn a vacant lot into a community farm. Over the years, The 6th Branch has continued to care for the site, expanded the orchard, built one high tunnel, and has grown thousands of pounds of fresh food for the Community. The Oliver Community Farm operates just under 1/6th of an acre of bed space.

Fresh produce from Oliver Farm! - Every Thursday!

After the great success of the Oliver Community Farm, The 6th Branch continued to grow their farming endeavors and partnered with ReBuild Johnston Square Neighborhood Association to start the Johnston Square Farm and Garden in 2019. This site in Johnston Square has focused on creating beautiful traditionally landscaped and naturalistic plantings for the community in addition to growing food. In 2022, The 6th Branch continued to expand the orchard at that site as well. The Johnston Square Farm and Garden operates just over 1/10th of an acre of bed space.

Last Fall, T6B planted 260 new berry bushes at the newest farm location, The Broadway East Tree & Berry Farm on Montford Avenue. By next year, there should be many more berries and picking opportunities for Oliver neighbors to enjoy as well.

Farmer Liz participates in the after-school program at Dr. Bernard Harris, Sr. Elementary School, teaching the kids about farming, growing fresh produce and eating healthy food! You are always welcome to ask your farmers Liz and Grace any questions, please reach-out, and Liz looks forward to seeing you at the next Oliver Market Night, Thursdays, 5:30pm-7pm, 1325 N. Bond Street.

If you are out and about and you see Farmer Liz doing some of her amazing farming work, give her a wave and a holler, and say, "Hey Neighbor!"

Oliver Community Farm! Isn't she beautiful!

Come pick up some fresh produce at Oliver Communtiy Farm on Oliver Market Nights, Thursdays, 5:30pm-7pm, 1325 N. Bond Street. Or pick your own fresh produce any day of the week! We look forward to seeing you now, ya hear?!

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