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Oliver has great people that one would be proud to call neighbors. From long-time residents to first-time homebuyers and renters, couples and families, there is a pretty diverse mix of people. We have a lot of movers and shakers in the neighborhood.

A tight-knit community, you may find a number of residents walking together, partaking in a happy-hour or two, or giving one another a hand or engaging in friendly conversation.  

Oliver Community Baltimore
Oliver Community Baltimore
Oliver Community Baltimore

As the community continues to grow and experiences a resurgence, there is no doubt that Oliver will once again rise to the occasion, bringing back those butterfly feelings of nostalgia. It is simply the people that make a community a community, and it is pride in a community that makes a community great.  


Meet Our Neighbors!

There are many things that make a great community and it starts with the people! Conscientious neighbors that understand that their actions or non-actions can contribute to a healthy and positive living environment.

8 Things that make you a great neighbor!


A good neighbor will always try to be friendly, available, and approachable. This will help you approach them whenever you need any help.


One of the important qualities to look for in a good neighbor is whether they are quiet. Blasting music and making noise frequently can cause disruptions in a peaceful atmosphere. A good neighbor would understand this and try to be quiet.


Good neighbors respect each other. This includes accepting each other’s profession, privacy, religion, and personal choices without any bias. More importantly, a good neighbor will respect your requirements and act accordingly.


Keeping the neighborhood looking beautiful is a community effort, and good neighbors keep all spaces that are visible by others clean and well maintained. They keep up with basic yard work, making sure that the lawn is mowed, hedges are trimmed, and weeds are kept at bay; they understand that these tasks not only impact the value of their house, but also the homes around it.


One of the good qualities of a neighbor is the willingness to give you a helping hand. A helpful neighbor will anticipate all your needs can take care of your children in your absence and can collect your packages while you’re out.


Good neighbors can be trusted when you rely on them for taking care of your children, pet, or property in your absence.


Good neighbors take care to put their trash out on the right night, and in proper receptacles, so that the whole street doesn’t see (or smell) what they’ve tossed.


Every time a neighbor does something nice, he or she pays it forward to at least two other neighbors. Even simple things—like clearing a neighbor’s driveway before he or she gets the chance to, offering up a piece of lawn equipment to save a neighbor valuable time, or bringing along an extra latte on your morning walk to work—can have a huge impact on a neighborly relationship.

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