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Hey Neighbor, Meet Francesco!

Updated: May 31, 2023

Francesco, a mental health registered nurse, moved from South Los Angeles to Baltimore in August 2021. Prior to purchasing his new home in the Historic Oliver neighborhood in May 2022, he obtained a master of science in nursing degree from Charles R. Drew University after graduating from the HBCU, Fisk University with a Bachelor of Science degree. Francesco's longtime infatuation with the mind, operations of the brain, and neuro-pharmacology propelled him to dig deeper into learning about substance abuse. His first-hand experience of working with active duty soldiers and veterans who were receiving

Floatation therapy and ketamine therapy enabled him to advance further into

psychedelic therapy. After enrolling in the Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic

Studies (MAPS) MDMA-assisted psychotherapy program, it reinforced a concept he

already believed: drugs are a tool when used properly. The law enforcement approach

has been ineffective for several decades, he believes, and especially in urban communities hence public health is his main focus. With this in mind, Francesco decided to move to a city where he could contribute the fruit of his labor for the betterment of his new place of residence, which ended up being Charm City Baltimore.

Francesco teamed up with a friend to create The Kaleidoscope Institute, where they provide simplified virtual and in-person evidence-based practice or EBP educational forums in Baltimore to promote harm reduction by debunking myths, and by reinforcing safe practice measures as it relates to substance use. He is currently enrolled in the Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Doctoral Program at The University of Maryland. He enjoys working out, riding his electrical scooter, eating at local restaurants, volunteering, socializing with folks in the community, attending local concerts and social events, going to art shows, and hiking.

If you happen to see Francesco out and about in and around Historic Oliver, give him a holler and say, "Hey neighbor!"

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30 de mai. de 2023

Excellent. Willing to connect as a fellow therapist



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