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Poetry in the Garden

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Dawson Family Memorial Garden
Oliver resident reading from her book of poetry

In 2017, Oliver hosted a series of open-mic events held at the Dawson Family Memorial Garden located at 1236 N. Eden Street. These events were held once monthly throughout the summer and early fall. There were many participants from the community as well as visitors from outside of the community. The Garden was the perfect setting. Beautiful flowers and trees and a quaint and cozy ambiance, the events were the perfect ending to a stressful day. It was a free event that offered snacks and drinks and beautiful vibes and people.

Our open-mic series featured poetry, music and performances by our littlest of residents! Although appearing a bit small in appearance, one may be mislead to believe the the garden is just for passing through. We hope to resume with future

Dawson Family Memorial Garden
Little cutie who insisted on singing her ABC's!

events at the garden because it is such a beautiful space that deserves to be utilized more.

The garden on Eden, pun intended, is a peaceful sanctuary for reflection and meditation, during non-rush hour times, of course!

Maybe we'll see you at our next event!

Dawson Family Memorial Garden
Dawson Family Memorial Garden

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