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Historic Oliver

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Keep Oliver Beautiful!

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Have you seen the new "Keep Oliver Beautiful" signs going up in and around Oliver? If not,

there is one coming to a block near you! In partnership with Baltimore Oliver Community Association (BOCA), The 6th Branch and the Baltimore National Heritage Area, we received a grant for 100+ signs to celebrate

Keep Oliver beautiful!
Miniature Oliver resident who assisted with installation!

our beautiful Historic community. The colorful signs are hard to miss and will be a constant reminder to residents and visitors alike that we love our community and want to keep it beautiful! In addition we want residents to be mindful that our trees are an integral and significant part of our landscape and we have to take care of them too! On the sign, it reminds residents to water the street trees, in front of their homes, 10 gallons/day on hot days. Hey, it's the trees that bring the shade, and the breeze!

There will be at least one sign installed on every block in Oliver.

Included on the signs are Baltimore City 311 information, the linktree for BOCA,, and the Oliver portal website link,, informing the community of additional resources that are available to them.

Keep Oliver beautiful!
Resident and BOCA board member who assisted!

With the assistance of ReBuild Metro and The 6th Branch, we had volunteers to assist with the initial install on the Mayor's Cleanup day. Although all of the sign have yet to be installed, we hope to have them all up by mid-summer.

Additionally, we had some special Oliver residents and BOCA board members who also assisted with installing the signs at the event.

College student and volunteer who assisted!

It's our community, let's show how much we care? We hope the signs will inspire more residents to "pitch-in and pick-up", as is stated on the sign!

Lastly, the signs act as a reminder to let people know where they are - in the Historic Oliver Community!

Hey, let us know what you think of the signs. We'd love to hear your thoughts!

Click the love button ❤️ at the bottom of this article if you love the signs, and leave a comment to let us know your feedback!

Resident and BOCA board member who assisted!

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