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Historic Oliver

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Hey Neighbor, Meet Pam!

Pamela, affectionately known as Pam, moved to the beautiful Historic Oliver community in 2015 to be closer to work. She has been employed by The Johns Hopkins Hospital for over 30 years and really appreciates the short commute from Oliver. Pam loves community and city living like attending festivals, farmers market, taking long walks and spending time with her family and friends. Pam is the mother of two beautiful daughters and a grand pup. More than anything, Pam is enjoying being a grandmother to two beautiful girls Kori (5) and Kodi (1), "it’s the best part of my life", she said. Discovering gems in the city as she calls them, while she and a neighbor explore during morning walks. This has been so exciting for her. "There are so many beautiful green spaces and agriculture in Oliver and surrounding communities." Pam enjoys

cooking and is always trying new recipes. Don’t be surprised if she asks you to be a taste tester. She is a great cook! Eating healthier is becoming a lifestyle for her. Pam is looking forward to retiring in 2 or 3 years and devoting more time to her community. She is such a joy and a pleasure to talk with.

If you see Pam out and about in Oliver, give her a yell and say, hey neighbor!

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