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Hey Neighbor, Meet LaQuida!

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

Smalltimore Founder

LaQuida Chancey is a Real Estate Investor, Digital Equity Advocate, and Owner of Xavier Estates, LLC, a full-service real estate company. She also founded Smalltimore Homes.

In February of 2018, LaQuida started Smalltimore Homes, an affordable housing nonprofit and sustainable living initiative. Smalltimore Homes enhances redlined communities without displacement and gentrification. Smalltimore Homes’ accomplishes this by offering transitional housing through micro-shelters and permanent housing through tiny homes. Unique to Baltimore, there are over 15,000 underutilized lots and properties that make these structures an ideal solution.

Smalltimore Homes creates alternative housing opportunities and hosts free monthly financial literacy workshops for community members.
Smalltimore Homes

The mission of Smalltimore Homes is to provide those living below the poverty level, specifically those experiencing homelessness, with healthy, transitional community housing in the form of micro-shelter and tiny home solutions. Local community partners would provide residents with individualized supportive wrap-around services, while housing is built by Smalltimore Homes and their volunteers. Ultimately the goal is to improve blighted blocks, restore community assets and maintain affordable housing without displacement. Smalltimore Homes’ engages commUNITY through produce distribution, community clean-ups, financial intelligence programs, weekly wellness walks, monthly blessing bag distribution, and micro-shelter volunteer building activities. Building commUNITY through service is the catalyst of our outreach.

LaQuida holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a Mathematics minor from Spelman College. To find out more about LaQuida's initiatives, visit

Painting inside of a Smallitimore house
Painting inside of a Smallitimore house

Prototype Volunteers - LaQuida, top center

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1 Comment

Smalltimore Homes
Smalltimore Homes
Apr 02, 2022

Thanks so Much for sharing the vision! Together, let’s ends homelessness.



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