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Hey Neighbor, Meet Giselle!

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Giselle moved to Oliver in 2016, after living in Mt. Vernon for 5 yrs. Since relocating here, she has donated her time and work skills to various non-profits in Oliver and, she plans to do even more within the community. She is a writer and is available to any Oliver resident who needs any documents reviewed or edited, pro bono. Giselle is also a Notary Public and is available to Oliver residents who need this service. She dedicates ample time to the advancement and empowerment of women as a womanist. She is a huge supporter of Veterans and active military members on deployment. Giselle enjoys cocktails on her rooftop with neighbors, while watching the sun set. Ohhh, and she loves to travel!!! She believes in Oliver, and in everything we want to achieve here.

Giselle has a feline kids, 17yr old – Mr. Tysen Beau. If you see Giselle out and about in Oliver doing her awesome community work, give her a yell and say, hey neighbor!

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